Meet Adam Forsythe and Ryan Sullivan: AKA #CFLPickEm Primer GUYS


It’s time to meet the #CFLPickEm Primer Guys 

As you may have seen last week, we have a new segment on our CFL website: Pick EM Primer, click here to watch. This will be a weekly video where our Pick EM Primer guys, Adam Forsythe and Ryan Sullivan give their expert opinion on who they think will win each CFL game for that given week.

Let’s get to know these guys,


Co-hosting the Pick ‘Em Primer is an honour and a challenge. Obviously, it is a privilege because I’m a proud Canadian and huge CFL fan. It’s a difficult task though because there’s always a new punishment in store each and every episode for the loser – so I have to be on my game week in and week out.

I’m a Vancouver-born guy that enjoys Seinfeld reruns, cookies dough ice cream, long walks on the beach and a nice summer rouge. I’ve worked in the broadcast journalism industry for over decade and have worked with Canadian football for almost ten years. From calling the play by play for the UBC Thunderbirds, to hosting the syndicated CIS staple Krown Countdown U, to writing about the CFL for Daily Hive – I’ve been around the block in when it comes to the game.

Adam and I have worked together on numerous occasions, so while you likely noticed the sheer hatred between the two of us, I must assure you that it’s all an act. I graduated BCIT in 2010 with Mr. Forsythe and co-hosted a golf web series with him right out of college called Well Over Par. Similar to the Pick ‘Em Punishment, we also had the Well Over Par Wager on that show. I’m a far worse golfer and lost more often than not. In doing so, I ended up having to bungee jump into the Grand Canyon, get my arm almost ripped off by a police dog and run through a paintball gauntlet in nothing but bike shorts.

We also used to work together for a number for years at the same AM radio station on Vancouver’s beautiful West Side.

I’ve been out of radio for about two years now and am currently working as a full time Sports Content Manager based on the West Coast. I also continue to host Krown Countdown U and work with one of the best crews in all of football.

When it comes to the picks themselves, I truly hope you pay close attention. I’m not some amateur off the streets that doesn’t understand the game and the teams (although I was raised in the mean streets of North Vancouver). I grew up watching Doug Flutie turn heads nationwide, Rocket Ismail rip up the old green carpet at BC Place and Mike Pringle tear up the league with Anthony Calvillo.

Above all though, I’ve seen this game from inside the trenches. Yes, that’s right, I used to be a professional ball boy. It’s not a job for the weak at heart. If you’re strong enough though, it’s a quality career. I poured drinks, picked up the towels and threw little foam footballs into the crowd (though I wasn’t supposed to).  Above all though, I got to drive the gator around the field. That little cart absolutely burns rubber, it’s also the reason I was forced to resign in 2004.

It’s a gut-wrenching story. Perhaps one day I’ll share it.

I love this game. I love this segment and I love this league. Follow my picks all season long to the promise land!


I am very excited to be co-hosting the Pick’Em Primer with my good buddy Ryan. I am even more excited about the punishments I will be giving Ryan after he loses to me on a weekly basis. The pressure is on to correctly pick the games right because I’m anticipating these punishment consequences will be brutal.

I am a massive CFL fan and as a West Coast native, I have always been partial to the BC Lions, but if winning the week means I have to go against my hometown team, I am more than willing to make the sacrifice!

Like Ryan, I am also a BCIT graduate and have worked in the industry for years. After covering the Vancouver Winter Games for the Olympic Broadcast Service, I was hired by NEWS 1130 Radio in Vancouver in 2010. I have worked as a sports anchor and reporter there ever since. The role has given me an insider’s perspective on all of the news and action coming out of the CFL on a daily basis. I intend on now using that knowledge to send Ryan to his bitter defeat every week.

While it probably appears we have an intense rivalry, we are actually really good friends. We are just a little bit twisted in the fact that we like to see each other suffer!

This isn’t the first time we have gone head-to-head with punishments on the line. In 2010, we hosted a web-based travelling golf series where we visited different cities and played different golf courses. Whoever lost the golf games was subjected to some intense punishments ranging from a super sketchy bungee jump in to the Grand Canyon, to getting attacked by a police dog!

Ryan usually came out on the losing end of the matches and I anticipate that is how the Pick’Em Primer will go down as well all season-long.

If you are looking for advice on which teams you should be picking each week, look no further. I take pride in knowing the stats, the injuries and even the weather conditions. I’ll do the deep dive and find the little nuggets of info that could sway your decisions each week. Plus, how can your trust a guy with the name Ryan?

I’m really looking forward to making my weekly picks and I hope everyone enjoys watching Ryan suffer through the Pick’Em Punishment’s. I promise I will make them horrible for him, and enjoyable for you!

These punishments are no joke…


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