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We’ve updated our app… and we’re going in an innovative new direction!

A letter from Christina Litz – Senior Vice-President Marketing & Content:

May 2016 marked a very important milestone in our continued efforts to bring you the best CFL content on the best media platforms.

We relaunched the CFL app on iOS and Android. You may have received a notification to update your app to this new app.

Download for iOS HERE & Download from Google Play HERE

Like many digital products – like, for example, our websites – this app is still very much a work in progress. Why would we launch something that’s not done? Well, first we believe digital products live and evolve. We want to make sure we are constantly testing and responding to feedback from you our fans. Many of you are providing us feedback on our websites on our  Community forums. We love that.  In addition there are business reasons we needed to move from our old app platform this month. So we had to take a deep breath and launch something that is still in its infancy as a digital product.

But we think you’re going to love what’s around the corner with the new CFL app.

When the seasons starts in a few short weeks (!) we will be rolling out a new and vastly improved near real time stats system. With this new stats system we are developing an enhanced real time “super game tracker” for the app that we think is going to become your go-to when you watch our games. This “super game tracker” won’t launch until the fall on the app but trust us, it will be worth the wait. In the meantime we think the game tracker on our mobile optimized websites is pretty cool too. Give us feedback when it launches please.

You will see this app is made for video – we have already archived most of our news and social media video on the app and during the season there’s going to be even more video – more news, interviews, opinion, more web series, more Snap Wrap, more trick shots. There will be something for everyone who is a fan of the CFL.  For editorial content, stats and player bios, our mobile site is the place to go.

And you can only imagine what more we will be able to do and offer you when it comes to video and the future with this app. We are really excited and we hope you are too.

So take the leap with us, update your CFL app, let us know what you think and what you’d like to see and in the meantime let’s all be excited that June is only a few short weeks away!

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