Nissan Back in the Game: Ep. 8 Band of Brothers


In the latest from Nissan Canada’s Back in the Game, Will Hannah learns that he’ll get the starting assignment in a match-up against his old school and the kids who used to bully him.

After switching schools to Eastglen in Grade 10, Will joined the Blue Devils and football became a huge part of his life.

In Episode 8 of Nissan’s Back in the Game series, we watch him go up against the kids that picked on him and made his life miserable at his old school in Grade 9. It’s a game that means a lot more than just winning or losing.

You can watch the entire episode here:

Amid devastating funding cuts, Nissan is supporting 21 high school football teams in need. As high school football struggles to survive in a country that truly needs it, Back in the Game chronicles the seasons of two of those schools in Hamilton and Edmonton.

All of the Episodes can be viewed right here, so keep checking back for more!

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