Announcement_NISSAN ROTT_Facebook Announcement

Nissan: Rally of the Titans Is Underway!

Announcement_NISSAN ROTT_Facebook Announcement

The Titan of Contests

10 CFL Titans will rally to the 104th Grey Cup, starting in B.C. and Newfoundland.

2 Captains will lead their teams through 100’s of Challenges across 88 different communities from coast to coast.

The Contest will culminate at the 104th Grey Cup in Toronto. With the stakes going to charity and a Nissan Titan on the line, EVERYONE WINS!

Announcement_NISSAN ROTT_Facebook Announcement

Like we said, this is an East vs. West Battle:


Ever seen a Lion on a Pick-Up Truck?

Team_BC Lions_w_GreyCup

The Boatmen have traded in their ship for a set of a wheels…

Truck_Argos_On The Road

Most importantly, this contest is about giving back!

Tailgate approved!


Stay tuned for more and Follow @NissanCanada for the full adventure!

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