OK, The CFL Long Snapper Trick Shot Situation Is Getting Out Of Control



CFL Long Snappers are at it AGAIN!  This time Edmonton Eskimos LS Ryan King is showing off his skills and of course, Argos LS Jake Reinhart makes a return to the scene!

These guys cannot be stopped!

First off, we’ve got Eskimos LS Ryan King finding one seriously brave kid to be is test dummy for this trick shot…


This is one brave kid. Luckily @officialedmesks LS Ryan King’s snap game is on point! 🏈➡➡➡➡➡🎯

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We follow that up with Argos LS Jake Reinhart who makes this CRAZY IMPOSSIBLE snap from the top of Guelph Stadium! The video is a bit hard to see but you get the idea!  

@jakereinhart58 is back and it’s official, #CFL Long Snappers are RIDICULOUS! 🎯

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We’d also be foolish if we didn’t remind everyone of this display from Reinhart earlier in the offseason…


Can you do that? We’d bet not. @torontoargos long snapper @jakereinhart58 on target! 🎯 4/4 #SnapsOnSnapsOnSnaps

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Finally, we can’t forget the Godfather of LS trick shots, Calgary Stampeders LS Randy Chevrier…  

12:30AM..u r all sleeping..I just finished 2.5 hr workout. 3rd snap in 2.5 months! BOOM #CFL #OffSeason #OldGuysRock

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Basically, CFL Long Snapper’s are the bomb!

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