Painting the PEG’ Blue


Bombers showing off their Paintball skills

The #Bombers are started their bye week in style. For the second time this season, the team headed to Splatters Paintball!

“It’s just good to get out here and get your mind off football and just have fun with the guys,” began receiver Rory Kohlert.  “It’s good to be focused and that stuff, but it’s also good to get away and get your mind off it a little bit so that when you come back, your mind is fresh and you’re ready to work again.


“You get to shoot each other, too,” added Kohlert with a grin, “and inflict some pain on the defence or whoever you are playing against.

“I play Call of Duty and games like that, but for people who may think it would help you out here, they’re wrong. Once the paint starts flying… it’s just so much fun. It’s hot out here, everyone is sweating, but it’s great.”


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