Zach Post Cereal

Post Foods: “Tackle Every Morning with Post cereal and the CFL”

Zach Post Cereal

Every wonder how the game’s best prep each morning?

Quarterbacks are superstitious and regimented by nature. They are the leaders of their teams and require a little extra work to be put in each day. Thanks to Post Foods, Fans are able to get an inside look into how some of the game’s best signal caller’s start their days.

Looks like Henry Burris is opening up the #REDBLACKS facility

Mike Reilly is straight down to business when he starts his day… maybe that’s why he is a #GreyCup MOP

Last but not least Zach Collaros. Bicep curls (check), cup a’ joe from Tim Hortons (check) and of course, Alpha-Bits (Check-mate)


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