Pre-Game Rituals: Mossis’ Lucky Gym Shorts


Many athletes have unique, odd and/or weird pre-game rituals. Find out what Mossis Madu does with his lucky high school gym shorts before a game.

By Brodie Lawson

In a next-man up system, Hamilton Tiger-Cats RB Mossis Madu is that man. While replacing CJ Gable (who is on the 6 game injured list) he scored his first CFL touchdown in Week 14 against the Bombers. A potential contributor to his success? You guessed it, a pair of his high school shorts.

“The day before the game I always wear my high school football shorts to bed and I sleep in them. On game day I try to get in a big breakfast. After that I don’t really eat much. Before I leave the hotel room or my house I read the bible, then I go to the stadium. Right before we go out to the field I watch a bunch of video clips of my daughters to motivate me to play!”

Are the gym shorts a superstition?

“It’s something I just started doing but now I do it all the time- I didn’t sleep in them a few games ago and I was panicking like “oh no no” but I played fine.”

Ticat fans will be hoping he doesn’t forget to wear his lucky shorts when the Ticats invade Rogers Centre on Friday night. Get your tickets here.

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