Randy Chevrier quizzes Stamps teammates about Ottawa


The Calgary Stampeders travel to Ottawa to take on the REDBLACKS on Friday, so naturally Randy Chevrier decided to quiz his teammates on how much they know about the city.

Let’s just say the reactions were better than the results. Answers are at the bottom of the post.

1. Can you name six former Stamps with the REDBLACKS?


2. What’s the name of the river that runs through the city of Ottawa?


3. What is the capital of Ontario?


4. What are the names of the last two teams in Ottawa?


5. What is the address of the Prime Minister’s residence?


You can watch the full video HERE.

How many questions would you answer correctly?


1. Maurice Price, Henry Burris, Jock Sanders, Jon Gott, J’Michael Deane, Brad Sinopoli. BONUS: Head coach Rick Campbell.

2. Ottawa River.

3. Toronto.

4. Renegades and Rough Riders.

5. 24 Sussex Drive.

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One thought on “Randy Chevrier quizzes Stamps teammates about Ottawa

  1. Technically, the Ottawa river divides Ontario and Quebec so it runs beside Ottawa. The Rideau River runs through Ottawa.

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