RECAP: A Who’s who of #GCTweetUp

SJ Green

We had our Grey Cup Tweet Up party on the Friday of Grey Cup week and as usual, it was awesome and full of selfies! All the big names in social media were on hand as well as our fantastic CFL fans, and, of course, our players.

First up: Twitter TV, aka: the star of the show. Fans had a chance to take photos on themselves at the party…and had waaayyyyy too much fun with it! 

Our first contenders: Ottawa’s famous Lumber Joes who are never seen without the red and black plaid .


Riderville is always well-represented at the Grey Cup Festival!

And it just wouldn’t be Grey Cup without an appearance from the Fun Police who also won themselves a new Microsoft Surface for having the most #CFLSwag!

Not to be outdone, Chad Owens and Simoni Lawrence of course had to get in on the action, with one of the best pics of the night!

Next comes the swag. Microsoft Canada and Shaw were on hand giving out prizes for a number of categories, including #CFLBeauty of the Year and best #CFLSwag. First up? The always-popular door crasher.

Of course The Lumber Joes win the #CFLBeauty award.

And coming all the way from the Capital…Stephen Mulder takes home a new X-Box for the longest Grey Cup trek!

And finally, our players came out to meet and greet the fans! And also…this happened…

Yes. That is the Commish in a bison hat.

Freestyler Andrew Henderson was on hand leaving everyone, including Chad Owens speechless with his skills.

So Chad headed to the DJ booth to showcase a special talent of his own!

Kate McKenna. Selfie Queen.

Jamaal Westerman’s face is everything!

Gotta pose with the Cup.

All in all, a great night with the BEST fans!

That’s it from this year’s #GCTweetUp! We’ll see you all again in Toronto in 2016.

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