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Recapping The Biggest Beauties Presented By Ruffles of 2015

Lumber Joes

Man, you guys are beauties! The #CFL is full of beauties, in fact, we would say the biggest beauties in sports. This year we partnered with Ruffles to help recognize the best of the best! As we approach 2016 it seemed like a great opportunity to look back at the year that was, in all its beautyness and to provide a little motivation for 2016 (New Years resolutions anyone!?)

THIS sick rap



THIS incredible CFL family moment 



THIS solo shirts off party 

Bryan Hall

THIS Rider fan who embodies Rider pride

Rider Savage

THIS video of Simoni Lawrence surprising a fan



THIS Nik Lewis meet and greet…with the baby he made cry



The Snap Wrap awarding the Beauty of the Year. Want to know who was crowned #BOTY? Watch the video below!

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