Recapping Week 2 of #CFLPickEm: We’re Getting Better People!



One man sits alone at the top.

After two weeks of play, we finally have a top spot held by just one player.  After a perfect week 1, Michael B Mal registered 3/4 correct picks in week 2 to separate himself from everyone.  His competition from last week has vanished from the top 5 and he is a healthy 85 points ahead of second place. CLICK HERE for the full leaderboard.  Here is what Michael’s scoreboard looked like this week…



Teams were slightly better this week than last week, as we all registered a collective 10,376 CORRECT picks in week 2, compared to 9,979 in week 1.  We’re getting better people!

Incorrect picks however, still reigned supreme with over 18,822 INCORRECT picks coming in during week 3.  That is compared to 19,749 in week 1.  Progress!


In addition, week 2 saw our first pure toss up game and in the end, it lived up to just that as the CFL PickEm community was a straight 50-50 on the Riders vs. Argos game.  With the game going into OT it was clear that the pick trend was warranted.  Miss the game?  Gotta see the highlights, it was an instant classic.



Week 2 also provided our biggest upset with the Calgary Stampeders falling at the hands of the Montreal Alouettes after being chosen by only 4% of people.  That’s ONLY 289 people of 7,235 taking the Als!  Way to underestimate Rakeem Cato everyone.



The REDBLACKS also gave users fits for a second week in a row, upsetting the BC Lions with only 28% of teams taking Ottawa.  Is this week the week people finally start taking them seriously as they travel to a Mike Reilly-less Edmonton for a showdown on Thursday night?



Finally, the only majority team to win in week 2 were the Ticats who moved to 1-1 with a thumping of the Bombers.  Once Willu left the game the Ticats took over but it looked early on that those 61% of people at the very least would have to sweat out their pick.



Don’t forget to lock in your picks for week 3 with some juicy match-ups on the docket.

With the ability to go +800 in one week, it’s still VERY much anyone’s game.


Also, Former CFLer, now NFLer Shawn Lemon is playing #CFLPickEm and he’s ranked pretty high. You doing better than him?

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