Review: A Football Life with Doug Flutie

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On Friday, October 17, 2014 the NFL Network premiered A Football Life with Doug Flutie that featured Flutie’s career in the CFL. Find out what former teammate, Dave Sapunjis thought of the feature.

Dave Sapunjis

Sapunjis spent five seasons as a teammate of Doug Flutie where he witnessed Flutie win three MOP’s, saw him selected three times as an all-star and won a Grey Cup together in 1992 season.


Dave Sapunjis’  Review

Absolutely loved NFL Films documentary on Doug Flutie. It highlighted not only what an amazing football player he was, but what a fantastic person he is.

NFL Films showed that the CFL was an important part of Doug’s great football career and was also a path that got him back in the NFL. In the documentary you can tell that Flutie takes great pride in his CFL years.

To this day he still states that playing football in Canada brought back the fun into the game for him. I am sure past teammates, current friends and family that watched the show all felt and will always feel very proud to be associated with him.

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3 thoughts on “Review: A Football Life with Doug Flutie

  1. As I continue to say , there isn’t any quarrel from me about Doug Flutie , he played for Donald Trump , then arrived here ! His fun comment in context has to be taken with a shot of tequila ; too many Canadians arrive with that attitude and it shows , Pro ball is for men , boys play ! Too many US players arrive now thinking it’s fun ,I think too many GM’s encourage that and we pay big bucks for our simmering butt. Doug was great but one too many comments spoils the broth !

  2. AC holds the all time passing record along the way years of playing at the highest level and a few Cups.
    Moon was at the center of Dynasty
    To me Flutie has got to be the best QB the CFL has seen

  3. Excellent show that finally gave him his well deserved due. To those people that bought into the nfl vision of a qb, he proved all of you wrong. He put excitement and mobility into that position which is now being reflected by the new young qbs. Flute didn’t, tell me, he showed me.

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