Rex Ryan: “If the Argos want to play us, we will play them too!”


After being introduced to the media as the Head Coach of the Buffalo Bills, Rex Ryan challenged both the Toronto Argonauts and Toronto Maple Leafs on a local Toronto sports radio station.

After the media conference, Rex Ryan continued his media tour that included appearing on local Toronto radio.

Ryan, who used to live in Toronto for a portion of his life and was a known Toronto Maple Leafs fan (see tweet below), had some interesting comments when speaking with Sportsnet Radio’s Jeff Blair and Tim Micallef on Prime Time Sports Wednesday afternoon.

Here are a few sound bites from his interview.

“I love Toronto…Quite honestly, if the Argos want to play us, we will play them too.”

When Ryan was asked which rules would you play with he responded:

“We’ll play with CFL rules, and then we will play the Maple Leafs.”

Ryan didn’t stop there, issuing another challenge to both Toronto squads.

“We’ll play the Argos in hockey and play the Maple Leafs in football.”

To listen to the full interview, click here.

It isn’t totally out of the norm to have an NFL team play a CFL team as it’s happened before.  Between 1948 to 1961 the two leagues clashed in eight exhibition games. In those games, the CFL went 1-7, with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats holding the lone victory against coincidentally Ryan’s Buffalo Bills in 1961.

In case you wanted to see some highlights from these historic games we have you covered.

Here is the full list of games between NFL vs. CFL teams.

1948: Brooklyn Dodgers (AAFC) 21 @ Montreal Alouettes 1
1950: New York Giants 27 @ Ottawa Rough Riders 6
1951: New York Giants 41 @ Ottawa Rough Riders 18
1959: Chicago Cardinals 55 @ Toronto Argonauts 26
1960: Pittsburgh Steelers 43 @ Toronto Argonauts 16
1961: St. Louis Cardinals 36 @ Toronto Argonauts 7
1961: Chicago Bears 34 @ Montreal Alouettes 16
1961: Buffalo Bills 21 @ Hamilton Tiger-Cats 38 

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13 thoughts on “Rex Ryan: “If the Argos want to play us, we will play them too!”

  1. nah CFL teams will never play NFL teams again. CFL teams are too afraid that, being weaker, they’ll get embarrassed in a blowout. NFL teams are afraid that it might be tight and that THEY will get embarrassed. it’s silly, i know, but i get it.

    1. One of the REASONS THE NFL teams won those games is because the Argos and the ALs back then were there worst teams in the league.The Tiger cats were a good team in 1961, so were the Bombers. they would have beaten some NFL teams too

    2. Maybe, but nothing to play for, no one wants to get injured. I’d love to see a healthy Ticat or Stampeder team play any NFL team. I think people would be surprised that it would be closer. Maybe one half CFL rules, and other half NFL rules

  2. Great site, very informative. I am estatic to hear that a lot of Americans are beginning to enjoy our brand of footbal.. Why not, action, action, action is what the game is all about in the CFL. Give it a try and you will end up loving the motion and the speed of the game. Go Cats Go.

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