Rider fan appears at World Junior Hockey Championship Semi-Final


It seemed like a normal Sunday night at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre.

The capacity crowd was loud, throwing all they had behind Canada’s World Junior team, who had just laid the finishing touches on a 5-1 win over the upstart Slovaks in the tournament’s Semi-Final game.

The celebration was on, as Canada would be making their first appearance in the Gold Medal game since 2011.



Oh don’t act so surprised.

It’s not as if this is the first time a member of Rider Nation appeared in an unexpected arena.

In November, a Green and White supporter was spotted at the New York City Marathon.


Here they are at the finish line of the Bobsled event at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.olympics

And lastly, here’s a Green fan enjoying a January 2014 Maple Leafs vs. Stars game in Dallas.


Keep it up, Rider fans!

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One thought on “Rider fan appears at World Junior Hockey Championship Semi-Final

  1. Hey – That first photo looks exactly like the photo I published on my Twitter account last night….@GreyCupBound Yes there is always at least one member of the #Ridernation in every crowd. Go Riders – and I agree – keep it up, Rider fans and members of the Rider Nation!

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