Ed Sheeran - Saskatoon - June 16 2015

Ed Sheeran Helps Rider Fan Propose To Girlfriend At His Concert In Saskatoon

Ed Sheeran - Saskatoon - June 16 2015

Photo Credit: Brittany May Higgins

Ed Sheeran, you’re a swell guy even more so after your concert in Saskatoon!

Reported by CBC, it appears two big time Rider fans got engaged at the recent Ed Sheeran concert and it was all thanks to Ed!  From the report:

“Benitez met Sheeran at a private function Monday night and told the musician his story. Sheeran made sure the couple got into the concert, arranging front row seats for them. And when he played her favourite song Thinking Out Loud, Benitez proposed. And then he tweeted her response, “she said yes.”


This story is incredible as the new bride to be was scheduled for brain surgery the next day and now has something truly amazing to remember and fight for.

Here is an image of the couple in some of their Rider Green gear.  According to CJME, there is crowd funding going on to help pay for their wedding party!



We truly want to wish Tanya a speedy recovery from her surgery!

Here is a clip of Sheeran at the concert during the proposal!


And if you love proposals, here is one from last weekend at Northern Kickoff.

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