Rider Nation Invades Arizona… Again.



The invasion of Rider Nation in Arizona happened…. again!

As is now an annual tradition, Riderville flocked to an Arizona Coyotes gameĀ once again to take in an NHL game and show the world just how fun Rider Nation can be.

We saw it in 2015, and once again, Rider Nation continues to impress.

It all starts with a pre-game party near the arena…

Even Rod Pedersen makes the trip!

Then it’s off to the game…

Even the Coyotes mascot got in on the fun…


Rider Legends make an appearance…


All in all, looked like a great time!

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2 thoughts on “Rider Nation Invades Arizona… Again.

  1. From a longtime CFL fan in California, I think it’s great that you come to Arizona and catch a game, have a good time. Keep it up!

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