14 thoughts on “Riders Update Logo

  1. “Three inside horizontal lines are now straight instead of staggered”

    Asides from changing silver to white, I don’t see a difference.

    Funny, I always thought one of the wheat was upside-down, which would be better, in my opinion, so the logo can flipped and still look the exact same.

  2. I like it! Clean lines but still keeping the iconic basics. The CFL should have hired this design team and avoided their recent failure.

  3. I like it. But do not understand about 3 inside lines being straight instead of staggered. Look exactly same to me, except for colour.

  4. Too bad the logo has not been changed from a horizontal to a vertical style, with the outline rectangle being in the shape of the province. That would better illustrate the overall provincial appeal of the team, and reflect the team’s commitment to all of Saskatchewan.

  5. Still a VERY boring logo, right up there with the “W” for Wpg. I guess this is a challenge seeing as you have so much invested in an “S”. If I was a Sask. fan I can’t say I would like it any better.

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