Rod Pedersen Released His West Division Predictions And Melted Twitter



First came the predictions, then came the Twitter storm…

Posting a tweet with Rod Pedersen’s 2016 predictions for the West, @CFL_News began what would become a big time Twitter storm!


Most upset were Eskimos fans who felt their last place potential finish was NOT fitting for the defending Grey Cup Champions… Even Mike Reilly agreed with his fan base!

Rod responded to Mike…

Others began to give their thoughts on the Riders going from worst to first…



It got so big… that… well… TRENDING!




What are YOUR predictions for the West?



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12 thoughts on “Rod Pedersen Released His West Division Predictions And Melted Twitter

  1. I love the @CFL_News twitter account.

    Its where I go to keep up to date on the CFL.

    I can’t say I’d agree with Rod Pedersen’s predictions though.

  2. Rod could be right on. With a healthy Durant the last two years would be a lot different.
    The way the team looks on paper for this year is very promising. Go Riders.

  3. Rod Pedersen, come on up to Edmonton on July 8 and watch your riders get squashed by the champs…maybe you can learn a few things about the Edmonton Eskimos and football in general.

  4. Rod does have a point which is – what team has done the most overall to improve their team for 2016. I would have top say the Riders covering ALL areas of the team with the Bombers a very close second. Its not over with either with free agent camps plus the draft coming up. Some teams have done very little in relation to what the Riders and Bombers have done.

  5. EAST:

    1) Redblacks
    2) Argonauts
    3) Alouettes
    4) Tiger-Cats


    1) Stampeders
    2) Roughriders
    3) Eskimos
    4) Lions
    5) Blue Bombers

  6. Riders and their fans have been making the same predictions before the beginning of the season for many years now, just to be let down and proven wrong every year. Their record shows it.

  7. Can’t say I agree with the Riders winning the West, I think the Stamps might have something to say about that but if the Eskimos think they are the team to beat they are dreaming.

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