Roughriders Unveil New Mosaic Stadium Football Facility


Full renderings of the entire football operations facility at New Mosaic have been released.

Today the Roughriders released a video that shows all the new elements of their soon to be constructed football operations facility which will exist inside New Mosaic Stadium.

Featured in the video are examples of all parts of the facility including…

The Full Team Auditorium


Grand Locker Room Entrance


World Class Hydration System


Positional Meeting Rooms Recognizing Rider Greats


Grand Reception Area Recognizing Past Great Teams


Training Room

training room

Work Out Facility (complete with Turf)

Workout2 WorkoutFcility

Fans can see the full facility video below…

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2 thoughts on “Roughriders Unveil New Mosaic Stadium Football Facility

  1. My Christmas visit to Saskatchewan was wonderful and I will say the Coaching hires with accompanying player changes shocked me as it did all Rider fans and I am from the East . My ancestors reportedly by wagon train made there way West through the Dakotas . Not 100% sure but close . Perhaps that is why the drive from Saskatoon to PA and back again later brought me into the tight Green and White fold ! As I do for all merchandising in the CFL I bought a Rider Jersey for my Daughters daughter and a Cap for my sons son ! All of my daughters family wear CFL merchandise . Hey we enjoy the Riders my sister and family make their games and two Grey Cups , even my mother was brought to Mosaic for a game . Terrific design and terrific concept implementation ! Good luck ! Riders forever !

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