Scott Milanovich: How He Was The #1 Overall Pick In The XFL By Jim Barker & Helicopter Hijinx


There so much to this connection, it deserves its own post to just really get into it…
The CFL & XFL have always been intertwined since the moment of the XFL draft (laid out here on or a little easier to read here on wikipedia). The first pick however is where it all begins….

QB/Head Coach – Scott Milanovich

With the first pick in the XFL draft, the LA Xtreme selected QB Scott Milanovich.  Yes, THAT Scott Milanovich.  Now what makes it even crazier? The GM of the LA Xtreme?… Current Toronto Argonauts GM (and current boss of Scott Milanovich) Jim Barker.  Yes, THAT Jim Barker. They’ve been linked forever it seems.

XFL_Milanovich Card1

A highlight that many remember is when Milanovich was expecting the birth of one of his kids and the XFL had a helicopter on the ready to air lift him from his game, should it have been needed. Fast forward to 1:30 of the video for the clip below.  Also look for appearances by RB John Avery, Jim Ross, Jesse “The Body” Ventura & Stephanie McMahon, field correspondent.  Yup.

Milanovich not only played QB for the Xtreme (the only ever XFL Champion) but also played QB for the Calgary Stampeders in the 2003 season…

Scott Milanovich

And who would you guess was the Head Coach of the Calgary Stampeders during the 2003 season?… You guessed it… Jim Barker!


Milanovich then coached for some time in Montreal under now Baltimore Ravens Offensive Coordinator Marc Trestman before being hired by Jim Barker (for a third time) in Toronto where they eventually went on to win another title, this time capturing the 100th Grey Cup.



For more information on XFL-CFL connections, see our full post on every connection HERE.

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