Sights, Sounds and Social: Divisional Finals

Sights Sounds and Social Division Final

Who is headed to the #GreyCup?

The Division Finals got started with the #REDBLACKS and #Esks:

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Our very own Brodie Lawson gave us an inside look into pre-game vibes:

To be a fly on the field for this conversation:

And here come the #REDBLACKS:

These 2 have a little bit of chemistry…

Midway through this one, a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT was revealed:

Nobody wanted to miss out on the action, no matter where they were:

After trailing for most of the game, the #Esks started to gain some traction:

However, Kienan Lafrance and the #REDBLACKS shut this door.

Just like that, #REDBLACKS were #GreyCup Bound!

Mr. Lafrance, have yourself a DAY!

Hands off for Good Luck:

Quickly after the #REDBLACKS punched their ticket to the 6ix and the 104th #GreyCup, attention shifted to the West Final.

Who would face the #REDBLACKS, #Stamps or #Lions?

Well, it was evident in the beginning of this game, the #Stamps were not showing any signs of rust:

And this continued for about… oh the entire 1st Half.

The 2nd Half brought more of the same, it was just a matter of the time running out…

Eventually, the clock hit 0’s and the #Stamps were headed back to the #GreyCup

Congratulations to the #Stamps & #REDBLACKS, well be seeing these two go head-to-head next week in the 104th #GreyCup!!!!

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