Sights Sounds and Social Farewell Mosaic

Sights, Sounds and Social: Farewell Mosaic

Sights Sounds and Social Farewell Mosaic

Saying goodbye to a legend in and of itself…

#Week19 not only marks the 2nd last week of the #CFL season but the final time Mosaic Stadium will host a #Riders game. This sad but happy occasion was inevitable but still feels surreal that it has finally come.

It’s evident throughout the #CFL community, that Mosaic has played a special part in some fashion to several individuals:

Fans were ready to start the Farewell party well before kickoff:

And then we get the extraordinary fans!

Even enemies of the #Riders were pumped to play in this Farewell Game…

Even the most coveted possession in the #CFL had to witness this historic day:

Only one way to dress up on Halloween in #Riderville…

A game this big, Commish wouldn’t miss it for the world!

On a day of this magnitude, you got to dress to impress:

This is AWESOME!

Insert sad face:

A living legend was in the house…

The more you know:

No… Thank you!

Additionally, for all things Mosaic, has got you covered, CLICK HERE

Farewell Mosaic…


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