Sights, Sounds and Social: Milt Stegall Ring of Honour Induction


One of the best to ever do it…

At Halftime of the #Bombers #Ticats game, Milt Stegall was inducted into the Winnipeg Blue Bombers Ring of Honour.

The official announcement came last week:

Man, Milt had a serious highlight reel…

Classic Milt! always making time for the fans.

Current and former players alike were singing Milt’s praise

We know how you feel Bo, all of us would!

Some Pre-Game excitement:

Milt was so great, the Commish had to pay homage:

Just before the induction, a little family photo op:

The Stegall’s are all smiles :):):) (Maybe one Stegall is a little shy…)


Then the moment we were all waiting for…


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