Sights Sounds and Social Week 13

Sights, Sounds and Social: Week 13 Edition

Sights Sounds and Social Week 13

Glenn returns, Cornish honoured and #Riderville rejoices

Another week in the books and another week of great #CFL Social Content.

Our First game was an all East meeting between the #Ticats and #Als. This game had a lot of buzz and one play in particular even caught the eyes of our neighbours to the South:

However, DC Chillin’s unebleivable play wasn’t enough for the #Als to tame the #Ticats. Leaving one little #Ticat cub particularly happy:

On Saturday, we had a #CFL DOUBLEHEADER. Our first game featured Kevin Glenn’s #Bombers return as a member of WPG. Although he didn’t play, his presence on the sideline was still a happy sight to the #Bombers faithful.

The #Bombers ended up topping the #Argos for their 7th straight win and it looks like a new tradition has taken shape:

Big men can jump? #Repost #Repost @2cheeseburgerz ・・・ Damn it feels good to be a Bomber! #JumpinOutTheGym

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The second game of our DOUBLEHEADER had the #Stamps hosting the #REDBLACKS. Being that it was #LegacyDay at McMahon Stadium, it was fitting to have former #Stamps RB Jon Cornish honoured at halftime.  Oh, by the way the #Stamps won… again!

Our last game of the Week 13 slate had the #Riders hosting the #Esks. This game went back and forth all night, so  OVERTIME was inevitable. During said OT, Darian Durant was able to put the #Riders on his back for the victory! This picture truly captures the #Riders feeling after the game:

TFW someone brings coffee for the office on Monday morning… (or when you score the game-winner in OT ) :@sskroughriders

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