Simpsons Celebrates 25th Birthday


On Wednesday, The Simpsons celebrated their 25th anniversary.  Since its start in 1989, Canada has been more than well represented.  In fact, there is an entire site dedicated to it (  Here at The Snap, we wanted to say that the CFL has had a very small but notable part in that history (….sort of).One could make the argument that Season 3 of The Simpsons was the year of the CFL.  In 1991, Rocket Ismail was taking headlines on both sides of the border as the most highly-celebrated college athlete playing with the Toronto Argonauts.  The Argos’ star-studded ownership group of Wayne Gretzky and John Candy was also in its prime.

In Episode 3, Homer is spotted watching the CFL Draft while sitting on his couch.


In Episode 14, Lisa Simpson visits a library while doing a project on football and pulls out a research card entitled “Oddball Canadian Rules”.

Admittedly, minor references but you can’t say it didn’t happen!

Happy Birthday The Simpsons!!!

A different CFL draft from Brad Wall on Vimeo.

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