Snap Wrap First 1/3 Of The Season Top 10 Reasons We Love You


We broke it down on The Snap Wrap already this week, but here they are, the Top 10 Social Posts we’ve seen from the first 1/3 of the 2015 season.

10. This guy that #CFLdThis to his kid!


  9. Aloha CFL!  

8. Grand Jos & The Lumberjoes

  7. Roughriders Prom Dress! #CFLdThis  

6. The Beer Snake Beauties

  5. #Rider Kid  

4. The Winnipeg Double Rainbow

  3. This #CFLTattoo  

2. Macho Man Rider Savage

Ooooooh yeah! @sskroughriders fans ready for #CFLGameDay.

A photo posted by Canadian Football League (@cfl_official) on


1. The Brandon Banks Signature Tattoo Guy  

Thanks to everyone that submitted images and sent us Tweets so far in 2015! Keep it up!

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