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Grey Cup Visits Chris Jones At Cornbread Fest…you read that right.

Cornbread Fest Thumb

A couple Canadians and the Grey Cup head WAY south!
I think this video deserves a little more explanation than was initially provided because people were a bitttt confused on Twitter. So, Brian Williams and TSN were doing a feature on Chris Jones, specifically on his four Grey Cup rings and his pretty MAJOR coaching successes. I don’t want to give too much detail because I’m not certain how much they want to keep quiet, but I will say that the idea was to bring the Grey Cup to Chris’s hometown to share with his circle (basically the whole town) while they conducted interviews his family, friends, former teammates etc. They deliberately chose the National Cornbread Festival weekend where this small town of just over 3000 people balloons to 30000+ to film this feature. Let me say this piece is going to be incredible- it airs July 8th during halftime when Chris Jones’s Riders go back to Edmonton for the first time. Brian, producer Paul and his crew are first class and watching them prepare and film this was an experience alone.

So how do Max and I factor into this you ask? The Grey Cup needed an escort (or 2) down and back from South Pittsburg and because we saw there was a pretty cool story to tell AND perhaps most importantly we have an amazingly supportive team here at the CFL we had the opportunity to go.  Max and I got to hang out with Chris, his gracious wife Sarah, their two daughters and the town of South Pittsburg for three days AND we got to eat some amazing cornbread.  I am considering writing a more in-depth blog post about our time there, so comment below or tweet me @BrodieLawson if you’d like to hear more about Chris Jones and our time in Tennessee. Many thanks to Chris and Sarah Jones for being the most gracious hosts EVER, to TSN for letting us tag along, to Ryan Pollack (and the Riders) for putting up with us, to the Cornbread Festival organizers who jumped through hoops so we could vlog, and the entire town of South Pittsburg, particularly the staff at Harvey’s Pirate Diner for being curious and welcoming and beyond sweet- we are deeply grateful.

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