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Stadium Concessions: West Coast, Best Coast?

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Wonder what other CFL stadiums offer food wise? Thanks to some innovative and eccentric appetites around the league, you can still find happiness at your stadium’s concessions!

By Marika Washchyshyn

This week, we’re feasting our eyes – and our minds – on the grub out west.

BC Place, the home of the Lions, is not messing around when it comes to their concessions, explained Jinny Wu, a communications manager for the Vancouver Convention Centre. Executive chef William Tse has numerous titles under his belt, including BC Masterchef (2012, 2013), BC Chef of the Year (2013) and BC Chinese Chef of the Year (2013). It’s no surprise then, that BC Place offers fans something a little bit different in addition to your hot dog and fries staple.

Popular items include Asian steamed buns (in either slow-cooked short-rib with coconut and star anise, or tofu and shitake mushroom), chef Vij Vikram’s Indian curries, and hyper-local crudités and salads from Sole Foods, an urban garden just across from the stadium grounds. If you’re into something more traditional, BC Place offers house-smoked brisket sandwiches, house recipes burgers and bacon-wrapped hot dogs too.

The nosh in Rider Nation has the ability to make other stadium concession stands green with envy. Two very popular dishes made their debuts this season, taking their places amongst the ever popular Mosaic Stadium hot dog, said Ryan Pollock, the communications manager for the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  

The ‘Monster Nacho’ is a winner for Rider fans; tortilla chips covered in spicy nacho cheese, topped with a choice of shredded beef or chicken, and topped again with a house-made black bean and corn salsa bring Taylorfield to its feet. Adding some extra jalapeno peppers might make this the ‘Hulk’ of all ‘monster nachos.’  

The Monster Nacho at Mosaic Stadium

The ‘Rider Cheesesteak’ sandwich has also become a fan-favourite; served on a freshly baked bun with provolone cheese and shaved prime rib, topped with the popular “Rider Vegetable Mix” of fresh off the grill peppers and onions…it’s a wonder that Rider fans are still wearing melons on their heads and not foam cheese!

The ‘Rider Cheesesteak’ sandwich.

Kim Babij-Gesell, communications coordinator for the Bombers, said that the goal at IGF was to provide a wide variety of unique options to make sure there’s something for everyone, focusing specifically on providing opportunities for local businesses to offer high quality menu options.

For Bombers fans, that includes giant turkey legs from Granny’s Poultry to many authentic Indian choices at the Clay Oven; pulled pork dishes from Danny’s Whole Hog to shawarma from former Bomber Obby Khan’s Shawarma Khan for an added Bomber fan bonus.

As with the other stadiums, fans are always able to grab a great dog and popcorn combo.

An old adage may ring true for CFL foodies; is it really “West Coast, Best Coast?” We’ll let you be the judge.

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One thought on “Stadium Concessions: West Coast, Best Coast?

  1. Drastic improvements from the old Winnipeg Stadium to the new IGF. Traditional to Gourmet. Lots of choices with high end local restaurants setting up shop within the stadium.

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