FBO CFL Grey Cup 20141128

Stamps and Ticats Pre-Game Superstitions

FBO CFL Grey Cup 20141128One CFL player wears a 19 year old t-shirt. Find out who and read some other CFL pre-game superstitions.

It’s Grey Cup Sunday CFL fans! Are you excited? Are you nervous? Are you jacked up? If you are feeling any of these classic gameday emotions you’ve got to wonder how the players are feeling.  To keep those nerves at bay and to stay focused I asked a couple of guys from the Stamps and the Ticats what their pre-game superstitions are. If you’ve got your own tweet them @CFL or post below and be sure to use the hashtag #GreyCup all day. Enjoy the game!

Hamilton Tiger-Cats pre-game superstitions

Courtney Stephen “I do up my shoes the same way, I’ve been doing it since I was 13”

Brandon Stewart “I wear the same socks- my Seattle socks”

Cary Koch “Since we have been here the meeting rooms are set up like they are back in Hamilton. We all generally sit in the same spot”

Justin Medlock “Ear plugs in and don’t talk to anyone for the game. And if I miss a field goal I will switch my plant foot.”

Luke Tasker “I don’t like superstitions because I don’t want something to go wrong with  my superstition and think I’m going to have a bad game”

Simoni Lawrence “I can’t eat right before the game. If the game is at 12 I’ll just have a banana, if the game is at 3 I just have breakfast, if the game is at 8 I just eat lunch and breakfast.”

Calgary Stampeders pre-game superstitions

Keon Raymond “I always put my stuff on left side first. I’m right handed but I always put my left sock on first, my left show and my teammate Brandon Smith, his locker is right next to mine, he reminds me EVERY game”

Randy Chevrier “I’m not too superstitious not after so many years in the league but I do have a lucky t-shirt! It’s a shirt I have been wearing for the last 19 years. I got it in college it’s got a scull on it that says ‘mess with the best die like the rest’ I got it out of a crappy t-shirt bin- I adopted it as my gameday shirt!”

Jabari Arthur  “Before every game for my whole entire career I call my Mom and she tells me good luck”

Rob Maver  “Get there 3 hours before the game. I walk around and take in the atmosphere, the environment and how everything is out there and how I’m feeling visualize every single punt, go back in stretch come back out and start my warmup”

Joe West “Stay cool, calm, and collected”

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