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SWAG and Custom Suits! | Brodie OT

Brodie OT Thimb

The VIP experience (and the cutest tag along ever!)A few weeks back Jerome Messam reached out to us saying he was ready to get suited up! Let me explain… When he won Most Outstanding Canadian last season Indochino (a dope custom suit store) gave him a free custom suit, custom shirt, vest, tie, pocket square – very swag, very thorough, very exciting. Jerome asked if we wanted to come check out the whole experience…and obviously we did! Making the day even better he brought along his sweet fiance and adorable baby girl with him.

As an added perk (yes, I have the best job ever) I also got the Indochino experience and watched them work their magic on a women’s suit for me (you can check out a picture on my Instagram!) Watch our morning getting suited up and if nothing else, you’ll want to meet Jerome’s daughter because….precious.

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