Player Signature Tattoo?: EASY #CFLBeauty For Week 6


Yup, this happened. Made him an easy choice for the #CFLBeauty of the week for week 6.

We’ve seen tattoos before, we’ve even seen CFL team logo tattoos before, but this guy went next level!  He got a signature tattoo!  Here is the evidence that puts him into the class of #CFLBeauty.


  Here is the end product… AWESOME!

We’ve been asking fans to send us their #CFLTattoo images and they have been AWESOME!










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2 thoughts on “Player Signature Tattoo?: EASY #CFLBeauty For Week 6

  1. Love seeing all the work our #cfl fans get. Us at Xquisite Ink have become kind of the unofficial tattoo shop of the #ticats Just ask Simoni Lawrence, Brandon Banks, Mike Filer, Johnny Sears, Coach Jeff Reinebold amongst others! We love our #ticats and all the work we share! #oskeeweewee boys

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