The 6 types of CFL tweeters you’ll find during the Playoffs


By Brodie Lawson

Twitter is a glorious thing and as a sports fan it has becoming practically mandatory to have my feed up and running while I watch the game.

Fans are constantly refreshing their Twitter feed to gauge the reaction of other fans, checking out what the journalists have to say, how the beat reporter thinks their team is playing.

What has become increasingly fun to watch is the fandom that has now been taken to a whole other level using Twitter.

With a BIG day in CFL football going down today, you’ll likely be checking out Twitter, and I strongly encourage you to look out for these 6 types of football fan tweets.

For context, these are all made-up example tweets.

 1.    The fanboy/fangirl-tweeter: This tweeter that LOVES one player and will constantly mention him in his/her tweets regardless of what he’s done.

EG: “@R_Bagg6 warming up (insert screen shot of TV) no doubt he’s going to have a big night #goodluck #noneedforluck #pureskillz”

“Halftime. Nothing yet from @R_Bagg6 but he is the biggest #beauty Third Quarter #beastmode #cantstop”

“TD for @R_Bagg6 #theman #themyth #thelegend”

“@R_Bagg6 great game man. Best WR we’ve got #congrats #bigwin #teamwin #BAGGWIN”

2.    The you-messed-up-and-you-need-to-know tweeter: Conversely there’s the person constantly trash talking and spewing ridiculously mean stuff. They make it that much worse by tweeting @ the player.

EG: “@DC_CHILLN_8 you are BRUTAL.”       ….I can’t recreate the stuff this kind of tweeter writes. Can be downright ruthless.

3.    The anti-fair-weather tweeter:  This is the tweeter that is quick to jump on his/her team when they’re doing poorly but is silent when they are doing well.

EG: “Terrible call. Should have fired coach in week 3 #painful #why”

“Why can’t ANY of our WR catch the ball #itsyourjob”

“This defence is falling apart. Embarrassing to watch. Embarrassed to be fan of this losing team #igiveup ”

Team WINS game by 15 points — ZERO tweets

4.    The Shaggy tweeter: Wasn’t me…this is the person who flat out deletes tweets. Maybe the commentator made a point that contradicts what they’ve just squeezed into 140 characters. More often than not it’s this sort of scenario:

EG: “Why does Sean Whyte suck so bad? Absolutely terrible tonight #theworst #bringtheotherSeanWhytein”

Whyte makes 42 yard field goal—- tweet deleted

5.    RT Wonder: This is the tweeter that gets a ridiculous amount of RTs even though you made the same joke. Maybe they have more followers or maybe they changed one or two words…regardless YOU came up with it first and THEY are reaping the rewards.

EG: “Lions showing some heart this afternoon” average fan 1RT

“BC really playing with some heart out there” beat writer 26RT

6.   The play-by-play: This is the tweeter that is giving you You don’t need to be there, you don’t need to watch, you don’t need your app –because you’ve got play-by-play buddy over here keeping you up to the second updated

EG: “ Completed pass to Devon Bailey (10 yards)

“Incomplete pass to Fred Stamps…pass Knocked down”

“Completed Pass to Nate Coehoorn (15 Yards)”

We get it……thanks

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