The Baltimore Stallions Celebrate Grey Cup Win, 20 Years later


It was a celebration that after 20 years was well deserved…

Gathering together for the first time in 20 years, the Baltimore Stallions held a reunion in the West Village Commons Building at Towson University.

It was the first time that many of the players had seen each other since 1995 when they won the Grey Cup.  The Baltimore Sun was there and captured some great quotes and images from the even.  Click here to see the full story.

The Stallions are the ONLY American team to ever win the Grey Cup during the American expansion era that saw the CFL play in Sacramento, Las Vegas, Memphis, Birmingham, Baltimore, Shreveport and San Antonio in addition to the Canadian teams.

For more information on the Stallions Grey Cup win, check out their Grey Cup Central page.

Here are some of the best images of the Baltimore Stallions and their Grey Cup win, you can view a full gallery here.

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9 thoughts on “The Baltimore Stallions Celebrate Grey Cup Win, 20 Years later

  1. Bring back the Stallions! The CFL and the fans miss them. Great team, great organization and the Baltimore fans were simply termendous. The team and the city of Baltimore showed everybody what true sports fans they are. Bring them back!! infact, the CFL should expand into the US once again (done properly this time). Keeping the CFL just in Canada is a mistake and makes the league boring. It´s a great product why “hide” it?? It´s time the CFL should some courage and expanded it´s wings.

  2. Wish I’d have known, I’d have totally crashed that party! Maybe dressed as a waiter. The two years we had the CFL in Baltimore were two great years.

  3. Bring them back!! The CFL needs them. Great organization, great team and more importantly, GREAT CITY and fans.

  4. I was there that cold day in Saskatchewan and was witness to a huge piece of CFL history. Congratulations to a well deserved victory.

  5. Thanks for this trip down memory lane. The Stallions brought real football fun and joy. I remain a CFL fan for life, south of the 49th!

  6. Reading some of the comments here made me realize I was there that day! Yes it was insanity. I forgot about the fact it was Baltimore. I was only ten. 🙂 Rider fans really devastated because the riders weren’t in it, but they were still happy about hosting the cup FINALLY. Anyway, I remember standing on Broad St with my dad listening to the city erupt after the game. A lot of people celebrating, near riot level frenzy. All the way along downtown was impassable. It was the loudest post event in my memory in Regina. Considering we were on the other side of downtown from Taylor field, it was an enormous outpouring of people near us, everywhere…it was a bit scary for kids lol.. people stopped in traffic and got out of their cars, people walked out in the streets from houses and bars alike. Basically the entire city was partying in the streets downtown for two hours before the police were like okay cars are coming now… It was a lot of tourists, which is not common in RG.

  7. I would love to see the Ravens do something at halftime at a game in November to commemorate it. Bring as many of the Stallions players on the field as they can and have a special mention of O.J. Brigance who has both a Grey Cup and Super Bowl ring for the city of Baltimore.

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