The Beer Snake…. It Has It’s Own Twitter, And A Church Named After It



The Beer Snake thing… its getting out of hand.  And we love it.

So we profiled the return of the Beer Snake a few weeks back and even talked about it on the Snap Wrap but now the Beer Snake love is growing to a new level.  Not only does it have its own Twitter account but a Twitter account called the Church of the Beer Snake has sprouted up and you can join them.


  They are accepting new members…  

They supply colouring books…


  And send amazing tweets like this one…  

People really do love their Beer Snake

Also, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers just released an amazing parody video of the Beer Snake and its role in the wild life that we are loving….



Beer Snake, you’re the best.  Of course, if you partake, please drink responsibly and either use a designated driver or take a cab or public transit home Winnipeggers!

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