The Definitive Macho Man Rider Savage Interview!


Macho Man Rider Savage.  In studio.  Amazing.

If you read The Snap or follow the CFL on social, it would be hard to miss our posts about Macho Man Rider Savage.  He first appeared when we named him #CFLBeauty of the week and since then he’s been a revelation.  We listed him in our Top 10 reasons we love CFL fans and he’s become a show favourite on the Snap Wrap.

But now, we take it to the next level, bringing Macho Man Rider Savage IN STUDIO to do a 1-on-1 interview with this amazing man.  Here it is, the DEFINITIVE Macho Man Rider Savage Interview:

The man is awesome!  Make sure if you see him at a game you go up and ask for a picture or to hold the belt, it really is a marvel of craftsmanship.  You can follow him on Twitter @riderwrestler.

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