The Rider Nuns Are Back: Sending Prayers To John Chick & Weston Dressler


Image via: CKOM News

The Rider Nuns are back!

We remember earlier this year when the Rider Nuns came out to support their downtrodden club.  Well… they’re back! This time sending their prayers out to recently released families of John Chick & Weston Dressler.

In a report on News Talk 650 CKOM, Sister Rosetta was quoted…

“I was very shocked, I knew they would be making changes but I didn’t think it would be these two people,” said Sister Rosetta. “Both of them will forever be in my heart and in the hearts of lots of Rider fans because they were really good people and I just wish them well in the future.”

Check out the full story HERE from News Talk 650 CKOM.

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