The Tampa Bay Rays Doing CFL Warm-Ups?: Who Would Be The Best MLB-CFL Team?


In Toronto for a series with the Blue Jays, we wonder, would the Rays make the best football team of all MLB teams?

In town this weekend, the Tampa Bay Rays were at Rogers Centre, the home of the Argos and tweeted at them, asking what they thought of their “hands team” stretch…


  The Argos were quick to shoot down the Rays, sticking up for their roommates at the Rogers Centre…  

The Rays would throw back some emojis. See what we did there… “throw”… 😜

This got us to thinking… who would be the best MLB team to field a CFL roster?

The Oregonian did a quick list of which MLB players might make the best football players, and we know The Texas Rangers have Russel Wilson in their farm system.

We know Deion Sanders played baseball and football… Wikipedia even has a whole page dedicated to athletes who played in the MLB and NFL.  So it got us thinking, if an MLB team needed to play football who would be the best?

Which MLB team could best field a CFL roster? Why or why not?  Tweet us or comment below and we’ll collect the best suggestions and share the results!

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