There is a RoughRiders Cement Truck, Because Of Course



Yup, the above picture is real life.

We have no idea where this came from, or why it exists.  All we know is that it does! (We are looking into contacting the owner.)

Yes, there is a person in the world that has created a Saskatchewan Roughriders cement truck.  Or at least, we think it’s a cement truck.  Either way it’s awesome!


After we posted a fan chirped the Riders but a fan had a great comeback with a #CFLTruck of their own!

It reminds us of a post from a few months ago of the BC Lions bus!



Have a CFL vehicle of your own?  Tweet it at us using #CFLTrucks.  (It can be a car too! )

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6 thoughts on “There is a RoughRiders Cement Truck, Because Of Course

  1. you don’t know where it came from or why it exists, really! it’s from regina, yea the company is actually from regina, go figure lol!

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