Ticats All Over The JUNO Awards Thanks To PM Harper And The Arkells



If you watched the JUNO Awards on Sunday and were hanging out on social media you may have noticed that the Ticats made more than a few appearances throughout the award show.

First off, during the opening comedy number, Prime Minister Stephen Harper made a cameo on the show and on his desk you could spot a signed Ticats Tim Horton’s Field football! According to Drew Edwards of The Hamilton Spectator, “the football was given to him [Harper] by Ticat equipment assistant Dylan Atack, who presented it to him during a recent visit.” In addition to the cameo in the PM’s video, the Ticats also spent the day/night trumpeting their love for The Arkell’s who back in 2012 recorded “Ticats Are Hummin'” which can now be heard at Ticats games acting as their touchdown song.


Though they didn’t perform the song at the awards show like the Ticats had hoped, the band did take home Rock Album of the Year!


To honour the Arkells the Ticats are also giving away some limited edition Arkells toques!

  Or perhaps a signed guitar is more your style….  


We can also thank the Ticats and Simoni Lawrence for this Vine that can never be un-seen…


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