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All Time Trolls & Unboxing 1992 CFL Cards | Snap Wrap

Snap Ep 14 Thumb

Snap Wrap Episode 14 is ready for ya!It was a busy week in the #CFL social world but don’t stress, The Snap Wrap has got you. Max and I get into the whole Saskatchewan billboard thing…remember? It was a bit of a bold move and think it’s fair to say it didn’t play out the way the Riders had hoped (see what I did there?)

Positive outcome- it inspired us to look back at some of the best #CFL troll moments eva. We wrote an article too which you should probably read.

Next we unbox a still-in-plastic box of 1992 CFL playing cards and compare them with the sweet 2016 Upper Deck pack. Max and I chose our favourites and it’s generally a pretty dope concept. We hope to do more!

Finally, last week I introduced a new series called Brodie OT where I’ll be giving you guys a unique perspective of the league from my POV. Football craziness, lifestyle stuff, adventures and travel galore! Kicked off the series last week with a BTS look at the filming of the Clash of the Creators.

Thanks for watching and share with your buds! We will see you next Thursday for more Snap Wrap!

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