TMI!: with BC Lions Emmanuel Arceneaux


Who does Manny Arceneaux think is the worst dancer on the BC Lions?

It may be one of his team’s quarterbacks..

I asked Manny to give me the dirt on a few of his BC Lions teammates – all in good fun of course! Who would he want to be stranded on a deserted island with? Who has the worst style? And who is stiffer than a cardboard box (Manny’s words, not mine!) when they dance?

Plus, you’ve heard everyone call Manny “The Manny Show” but have you ever wondered where that nickname came from? The answer may surprise you!

He also really likes Spongebob Squarepants (but who doesn’t??)

Get to know a little bit more about Manny and some of his BC Lions teammates in this edition of TMI!

Kristina Costabile: Tell me something no one would know about you.

Emmanuel Arceneaux: You know what’s crazy? Nobody actually knows anything about me. They just know The Manny Show. Because if you look at it on my social media, I don’t give anything about my personal life. They don’t know if I have a sister, brother, married, in a relationship. But what people wouldn’t know is that I’m a Momma’s boy. I enjoy Spongebob, Law and Order. I like reading. I’m actually reading In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day right now.

KC: Where did the Manny Show come from?

EA: The Manny Show came probably two or three years ago. One, nobody called me Manny. That’s my Canadian nickname. The commentators stared saying Manny Arceneaux. So I just started using Manny. Now, no one knows my name is Emmanuel. Everybody knows me as Manny. So I was sitting around on Twitter one day and was like, ‘how can I brand myself with my football and community brand?’ I was just joking one time, I like watching cartoons I’m going to post something with a picture of a TV and me and call it The Manny Show. I started using the hashtag and then next thing you know people were saying, “The Manny Show, Week 10 or hey we have The Manny Show here.’

Some people actually greet me as, ‘hey, Manny Show, can I get an autograph?’ It was just something that was catchy and I actually stuck with it because I was just trying to find a way to brand myself and apparently The Manny Show stuck because now if you go back and look at games from last year when they were talking about coming back looking forward to the 2017 season, we have Chris Williams, The Manny Show, Bryan Burnham, Nick Moore. They will literally say, The Manny Show, other than Emmanuel Arceneaux. I just think it was something that caught on and stuck and I’m just trying to keep it relevant as long as possible.”

KC: What is one thing you could eat for the rest of your life?

EA: Nachos. I like the real cheese. I might want chicken nachos, steak nachos, chicken nachos. I just mix it up.

KC: Who would you choose to be stranded on a deserted island with?

EA: My right hand man, Solomon Elimimian. That’s my guy.

Mini Island with one Palm tree

KC: Who has the messiest locker?

EA: Jovan Olafioye!

KC: Who has the worst taste in music?

EA: That one’s kind of hard because I like country music and a little house music. I like a little bit of everything so it’s kind of hard. But Adam Bighill, he listens to that hard rock Metallica.

KC: Who has the best style?

EA: Ronnie Yell.

KC: Who has the worst style?

EA: Chris Rainey. I know y’all saw him yesterday in a suit with a big gold chain.

KC: Who has the best dance moves?

EA: It would be Stephen Adekolu. He has some nice dance moves and same with Steven Clarke.

KC: Who has the worst dance moves?

EA: Jonathon Jennings. He’s stiffer than a cardboard box!

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