TMI! Buds Edition: with Brad Sinopoli and Greg Ellingson

Buds Edition Greg and Brad

Greg Ellingson and Brad Sinopoli may have proved they really are the original buds..

I asked both Greg and Brad who of the two of them would survive a zombie apocalypse and they both said they had already talked about how they would survive together and have come up with some pretty interesting plans. They also still share clothes (remember this?). If that isn’t dedication to your bud, I don’t know what is.

A couple of week ago I might have started a little Twitter beef when I called two Ticats receivers the new buds in the first Buds Edition of TMI. (Check out Greg and Brad’s rant on Twitter here and here!)

Greg even wanted a handwritten apology..

While I’m not exactly going to do that (sorry, Greg!), I did give them both a chance to prove to everyone they are the two best buds in the CFL.

I talked to both of them separately at Mark’s CFL Week (I know, I was surprised they weren’t together too) and I’ve got to say, they really are the best of friends – they’ve sure come a long way from when Brad called Greg, Craig Ellington (yes, this really happened).

And buds who get food from a food truck after Grey Cup practice together, stay together, right?

Just a couple buds fueling up for the game 🍔🌭🍕#streetmeat

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(Side note: Head over to to check out Car Pool with the Buds part 1 and part 2. Greg and Brad play chubby bunny with Timbits and it’s probably the funniest thing you’ll see today.)

Kristina Costabile: Who’s messier?

Brad Sinopoli: On the road, I’d say Greg messiest. My home’s probably messier than his though. My locker is probably the messiest.

Greg Ellingson: Definitely him. I was a little nervous because we were one locker apart and I always saw how dirty his locker was but we switched his to next to me this year. I put a little piece of tape between our lockers to keep his stuff separate.

KC: Who has the better taste in music?

BS: I’d say me. He’s going to say him but we do agree on Sticky Fingers (a band from Australia). We went to the Chili Peppers concert this year, so we kind of have the same taste but he’s more into hip hop.

GE: I think we both have good taste in music. It’s just different. He gives me songs that I’ve never heard before. I’m more hip hop and a little country. He likes a lot of Dixie Chicks.. I don’t really like the Dixie Chicks.

KC: Who has the better touchdown celebration?

BS: I always either just spike it or give it to the ref. Greg will dance, do a snow angel, he’s more creative than I am.

GE: Neither of us. I don’t really think of dances to do I just jump up and slap hands.

KC: Who would survive a zombie apocalypse?

BS: We would win for sure (against Kevin and Brian). We already did a tree fort. We hung a hammock up there. I’d be teaching him some stuff about sharpening axes so we’d win for sure.

GE: He’s going to say him and I’m going to say me. We’ve actually talked about this before. I think we both came to the consensus that we would find an island in a lake and have a boat that goes out there and then obviously the zombies can’t get to you. Or get a tree fort and then have some kind of boulder with some kind of release mechanism so when you jump on the rope when you need to get up fast because they’re chasing you it just drops and pulls you up.

KC: Who has better style?

BS: Greg. I have these pants because Greg was like, ‘you have to wear them!’ I normally wear sweat pants every day. He gave me jeans for the Keg dinner last year and they were just skinny black jeans and I put them on and I felt ridiculous but he was like, ‘no, you look great!’

GE: Me. Last year he wore these blue jeans that I let him wear and they were so tight and people were like, ‘oh, where did you get those jeans from?’ and before I came (to Mark’s CFL Week) I was like, ‘hey want me to bring those jeans again?’ and he said, ‘well it’s tradition now, so yes.’ I have them in my bag.

KC: Who would win in a rap battle?

BS: I’m not much of a rapper. If I can think about it, maybe, but it’s probably him.

GE: ? It would be the worst rap battle ever.

KC: Who would win a hotdog eating contest?

BS: I would for sure. I love hotdogs. I could eat a pack of 12 right now.

GE: I don’t know, we need to settle that.

KC: Who will catch more passes this year?

BS: We will catch the exact same amount.

GE: He’s going to catch more passes but I’m going to have more yards though.

KC: What is your favourite thing about your bud?

BS: Probably that he’s so goofy and I’m so goofy. When you find someone that’s as goofy as you are, it’s like you just found your best friend. All of a sudden everything is funny that isn’t funny to everyone else but we find it funny. It was like that since day one.

GE: We both like to laugh and have a good time and appreciate every day that we have. You never know how long you’re going to be here so it’s nice to have someone to help you be yourself and be fun and be goofy.

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