TMI Buds Edition: Brian Tyms and Kevin Elliott

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Move over Greg Ellingson and Brad Sinopoli, there’s a new pair of buds in town..

And their names are Kevin Elliott and Brian Tyms. The duo are best friends, and have been since college, they make music together (I think I speak for all of us when I ask, can you guys give us a sample?!?) and now they’ve both signed in Hamilton as members of the Tiger-Cats.

It’s been six years since they’ve played together and now they’re finally reunited – weird how life works!

Talking to both of them in separate phone conversations, I definitely could tell these guys are really good friends and have been for a long time. They had nothing but great things to say about each other – mixed in with a few chirps, of course.

God Works In Mysterious Ways! #JTG 📸: @canadiancal30

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(Side note: I wrote a little something else on their relationship and what they’ll bring to the field together over on Click here to read that!)

I asked both guys the same questions for this special Buds Edition of TMI – some they agreed on and some they definitely didn’t.

 Kevin ElliottElliott_Kevin-16-150x150 Brian TymsTyms_Brian2-150x150
Who is messier? Brian. Kevin. By far.
Who has the better taste in music? Me. I’ll have to say me because I do my own music. Both of us have good taste but I’ll have to go with me.
Who has the better touchdown celebration? Me. (editors note: have you seen the ball spin?? Or these? Or these?) Kevin.
 Who is more likely to survive a zombie apocalypse? Definitely Brian. Me because I can run faster away from them!
Who has better style? Hands down, me.  Kevin. My dog can dress.
Who would win in a rap battle?  Brian definitely. I don’t know if he told you. We’ve been doing that since college. I was never the rap guy but I would come up with the extra hooks and stuff. Me.
Who would win in a hotdog eating contest? Brian. Before practice? Kevin.
Who will catch more passes this season? Me. They’re so many of us that are good out there, I don’t know!
Who’s the better all-around receiver? Me! I don’t think anybody would say anybody else! He knows I’m going to say myself! He knows.
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