TMI!: with Edmonton Eskimos’ Adarius Bowman

TMI Adarius Bowman

Adarius Bowman plays football for a living but he hates watching sports.. 

I’m serious. He hates watching sports, he says they’re boring.

He’d rather be volunteering with Adarius4Autism, a non-profit corporation that he is the president of for youth living with Autism Spectrum Disorder, or checking out a documentary on National Geographic.

Bowman himself is anything but boring. He’s funny and personable and was genuinely excited to sit down to talk to me during Mark’s CFL Week. It was late in the afternoon during the first Media Day and most of the media had already called it quits for the day and made their way out of the ballroom we were in at Evraz Place. was the last stop on Bowman’s tour around the room and despite having done numerous interviews before, he sat down smiling ear-to-ear, making sure every question we had was answered.

That’s what kind of guy Bowman is.

When he hits the field he said he always has one song playing in his head – now I can’t watch him make a catch and not think about him singing the song to me. (It was pretty great and I really wish I had a clip of this to share with you all.)

I also gave him a chance to chirp a few of his teammates (all in good fun, of course). Who’s the worst dressed? Who has the worst taste in music? Who has the messiest locker?

Find out all of this and more in this week’s edition of TMI!:

Kristina Costabile: Tell me something no one knows about you.

Adarius Bowman: I have a passion for our youth. Our youth is our future. I love sports but I don’t really watch them. I can’t stand watching sports. It’s boring to me. I have no interest in watching them. I’m in the reading stage of my life. I’m reading this book called Spark. It’s a book about this autistic mom and she’s telling her story about her son. That’s what I’m into. I’m newly engaged so I have my movie time with her.

KC: What do you watch on TV?

AB: You might catch me watching some National Geographic. I want to learn something about history. I’m big into our history about all people, culture, stuff like that. I really don’t like this whole zombie thing that’s going on. Everything turns to a zombie, you’re watching Mickey Mouse and it just so happens and Daffy Duck is a zombie now! It’s just too much.

KC: What’s on your pregame playlist?

AB: Sail by AWOLNATION. That’s my jam! It holds true to me when I play football. (He sang a part of the song for me to get me in the same groove. It was pretty great.)

Here’s a montage Bowman’s finace put together for him using his favourite song.

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KC: Who has the messiest locker?

AB: Garry Peters! (John White laughed and confirmed this while sitting at a table behind where Bowman and I were.)

KC: Who has the worst taste in music?

AB: All of the white boys on our team on White Boy Wednesday. We give them their day to DJ. It’s that hard stuff that doesn’t flow. At least let the tune be something that makes you move.

KC: Who has the best style?

AB: Myself! That’s a lie.. I’d have to go to Mike (Reilly). I think it’s his wife doing it though. He comes looking top notch. Mike shows up the proper way. I’m trying to step my game up a little bit. This year it’ll be me.

KC: Who is the worst dressed?

AB: I used to be. But I’ve upgraded, I’m not there anymore. I’d go with Marcel Young.

KC: Who can’t dance?

AB: I can’t dance. But it’s somehow the best. I do a little bit of everything, shoulders, hands, feet. I’m just moving to my beat. That’s what everybody doesn’t like about it. They’re like, ‘you’re off beat’ but I’m not, I’m on my beat.

KC: Who would you want to be stranded on a deserted island with?

AB: My dog Odell. Odell Willis. He’s like one of those all-purpose people. He’s a big guy if you need help getting out of something, he’s a funny guy if you need to laugh, he can also be serious. He’s extra creative. He talks a lot, so I’d never get bored. He’s country so he’s know how to grow stuff. I was born in the city so there’s a couple things I could do, like point you in the direction for a taxi, get some fast food. But he knows how to live and survive so I’m bringing him with me.

When u can see growth in yourself and your best friend, it’s a beautiful thing @adariusbowman #fromboystomen #tbt

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