Today is #NationalWatermelonDay, Basically Should Be A Provincial Holiday In Saskatchewan


If you were wondering why today is a long-weekend for Canadians, it’s because August 3rd is officially National Watermelon Day (seriously) and Saskatchewan Roughriders fans needed the extra day to party. No, not really, but #RiderNation would probably go along with my story.

By Joscelyn Longo

Saskatchewan Roughriders and Watermelons: it’s a history that is as fabricated as most urban legends, with everyone’s friend-of-a-friend seemingly being the source of the beloved Melonhead phenomena. Since it’s National Watermelon Day, I feel it’s my duty to clear up the myths vs the facts, to give you the real scoop.

Per Rod Pedersen, the voice of the Riders for over a decade, the whole craze started at an away-game in Winnipeg in August 2001, when two fully-painted Riders fans (Chris and Mike) made their way through the crowds to high-five everyone while wearing hollowed-out Melons on their head. Observed by some of the Riders’ Marketing Team, they got the nod and said “we have something here…” and thus, the Melonhead craze was born.

In honour of such a momentous team, fan base, and delicious fruit, we’re celebrating some awesome times during the 2015 Season when watermelons have been used in #RiderVille by #RiderNation to show off #RiderPride. Trust me, this team does not mess around when it comes to their helmets or hashtags!


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Starting them young is key!

Aren’t these the cutest melon heads? #RiderNation #CFLGameDay

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If you’re looking for ways to become a Melonhead, but aren’t ready to take the plunge into the real world of fruit helmets, you can order your own foam version from The Rider Store.

Are you a Melonhead? Show us by tweeting @CFL, or tagging @CFL_official on Instagram! You can also follow behind-the-scenes game-day action and try to spot Melonheads of your own by checking out cfl_official on Snapchat.

Also, never forget the greatness that was the Riders Cement Truck. Because watermelons.





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