Top-5 CFL QB Fantasy Football Seasons of All-Time

With playoffs fast approaching and the fantasy football season coming to a close I bet you’re doing a little mental math, checking out who needs to step up and get er’ done over the next few weeks to take crown. Find out the best CFL QB Fantasy Football seasons of All-Time.

By Brodie Lawson

There has been lots of shakeup at the QB position this season for many teams across the league, so that might have set you back a few weeks. With all that uncertainty and critical games approaching I got to thinking about how clutch it would be to pick up an all-time quarterback from the past (mostly). What would their fantasy points look like? What season would I pick? So I did some of my own mental math (calculator math) to figure it out.

Given that I don’t have an office of statisticians on call my method was simple. I went through the household names, scoured  and Wikipedia and looked through  what seemed like a never ending list of numbers. Fair to say there are probably a few seasons that have slipped through the cracks. Tweet me @BrodieLawson with what you find.

In order to put together this list I went through the best overall QB seasons from passing yards, touchdowns, rushing yards, and rushing TDs.

To get these numbers I used the traditional fantasy point model:

1 point for every 25 passing yards
4 points for a passing touchdown
-2 points for an interception
1 point for every 10 rushing yards
6 points for every rushing touchdown

I added these numbers up over the course of one season and assembled a list of quarterbacks you’d love to have on your roster this season. Here is a collection of the top CFL quarterback fantasy football seasons of all time.

Note: I have to give a shout out to Russ Jackson and Pete Liske. In a 14 game season Jackson was able to amass 330 fantasy points in 1969 while Liske had 316 in 1967- a 40 touchdown season.

No. 1 Doug Flutie, 1991 BC Lionsflutie2Flutie-1

No. 2 Tracy Ham, 1989 EDMHamBlockbuster1007Ham2

No. 3 Kent Austin, 1992 SSK Kent_Austin_History_24607kautsin

No. 4 Matt Dunigan, 1993 WPGMatt DuniganMDunigan2

No. 5 Anthony Calvillo, 2008 MTL Calvillo

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