Top 5 all-time football movie speeches!


Brodie Lawson provides her list of top-5 all-time football movie speeches. Caution: may cause chills and/or goosebumps.

By Brodie Lawson

As you probably know, there are some big games this week in the CFL with major playoff implications. The complexion of the season has led a few teams to do or die situations. These are BIG moments that illicit a good old fashioned pump you up – knock them down – fight to the end – clear eyes, full hearts – win the game kind of speech.

There are several CFL coaches capable of that kind of messaging in big games (and not so big games), but for the players, coaches, and fans who need more, here is my list of the top five football movie speeches to get you jacked up.

#5 The Express: “Don’t Lose Yourself”

Coach Schwartzwalder focuses on the fate of the game being in the players’ hands — that they can control their own destiny. Sound familiar?

“Don’t give this one away. Keep it — hold onto it for yourselves and for everyone in this room. It’s here — it’s right here and no one can take it from you.”

 #4 Rudy: “Our House”

This is the ultimate tale of the underdog! I don’t know how you can’t appreciate this message — using that home field advantage, playing in front of your fans and coming away with a win. This is a classic: “No one and I mean no one comes into our house and pushes us around”

#3 Remember the Titans: “Leave No Doubt”

Short and sweet . . . well, short and tough. This mid-game, fire-you-right-up is a beauty: “you make sure that they remember forever the night they played the Titans.”

#2 Friday Night Lights: “Perfect”

I love this movie and I love this speech. Coach Gaines’ focus on doing everything you can and playing for the team is what it’s all about: “Can you live in that moment as best you can with clear eyes and love in your heart? With joy in your heart? If you can do that, gentlemen, then you are perfect.”

#1 Any Given Sunday: “Inch by Inch”

This is the ultimate. While I love the traditional football speech (as you can tell by this list), Inch by Inch earns top spot because Coach D’Amato takes the best parts of the classic speech, enhances it, and adds some grit. It’s football focused; it’s life applicable; and it’s Al Paccino.

Honourable mention goes to this speech from We Are Marshall. In the context of the movie, it’s pretty powerful — but as a stand alone it wasn’t as strong.

Missing something? Weigh in with your favourite football movie speech of all-time!

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One thought on “Top 5 all-time football movie speeches!

  1. Great list! Couldn’t agree more. I watch a few of these before I hit the gym often. Have the audio on my ipod too. Great stuff!
    Football > Anything else in life….

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