TSN Wants You For CFL’s Thursday Night Football!



Are you an indie band who’s yet to break through? Then this might be just the thing for you and your mates…

TSN is looking for indie bands for their upcoming Thursday Night Football broadcasts with the CFL!

According to an article on BarDown:

All you have to do is send a maximum of two demo tracks to music@tsn.ca (It can either be mp3 files, videos or whatever. We just want to hear the music!). Submissions are not limited to Canada, as everyone from around the world is welcome to contact us, however, you’ll need to mention which city your band is from.

We look forward to seeing you on an upcoming CFL on TSN broadcast!

They’ve warned however, if you sound like the video below, it’s probably not worth applying…

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2 thoughts on “TSN Wants You For CFL’s Thursday Night Football!

  1. My boys from LapLuCas are a band based out of Bury St Edmunds UK. We’d be obliged to perform for your organisation, proudly. We would also perform our radio friendly version of any song you’d want us to, from our catalog of songs which can be found on youtube, iTunes, Amazon, and many other web-based media outlet. A brief history of us, we produce, perform, and manage our own imagery and sounds (everything you see/hear), with absolutely no outside help. Everything is funded comply out the pockets of every band member in LapLuCas. Thank you for you time and we hope to hear from you soon.

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