Twitter Reaction: Riders Release Dressler & Chick



A shocking move by new Riders GM Chris Jones sparked much conversation on Twitter…

In a surprise move on Thursday afternoon, the Saskatchewan Roughriders announced the release of WR Weston Dressler & DL John Chick…


Form there… Twitter exploded…




























More to come…

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6 thoughts on “Twitter Reaction: Riders Release Dressler & Chick

  1. Thank’s to two solid community leaders. I am heart broken that loyalty doesn’t exist. Jones better be right, and results better be QUICK!

  2. I want to thank Weston and Chris for their contributions to the Riders over the years. You were amongst the greatest players I have followed over 65 seasons of being a G&W fan. You will be sorely missed and virtually irreplaceable. It is hard to understand how this team fell so far in two seasons and it is equally hard to see them doing any better in 2016. But “Go Riders” is my sincerest wish.

  3. Ian is right, Chris Jones better keep his suitcase packed. Rider Nation will not accept a losing start to the season.

  4. If Jones wanted to coach the Eskimoes why didn’t he stay there? His every action so far indicates we will be nothing but “Edmonton South”.

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